Why Social Media Put So Much Impact on People’s Life Nowadays?

Social media- what we literally understand by the term itself is being ‘socially active’ throughout all the platforms available in the world of the digital media. Amongst all those sites, there are Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to name a few. So, how different are these from each other, as all possess almost equally the same things?


• WhatsApp- it’s primarily for mobile phone messaging services (though, off late it can also be done in web after scanning a QR code). People can use it for texting their near and dear ones while the internet connection is active on a device.

• Facebook- it’s a worldwide social media platform founded by Mark Zuckerberg and most probably the highest usage rate as compared to the other social media platforms. People can connect each other from any part of the world and share all the concerns.

• Instagram- it’s primarily targeted for posting videos and pictures to the world and hence socialize.

• Twitter- this is used to write about all the latest happenings in the world m(or anything else!) as its posts are limited to 160 characters only

• Snapchat- here, people can send images and create filters but they vanish after a certain period of time.

By now, it’s clear that all does the same thing- that’s connecting people. And, all of them are a bit different from the others. So, where from comes the difference? Well, the audience for all the platforms varies a bit. If we go by popularity, Facebook comes first but going by the statistics, all other social media platforms are gaining popularity very soon and might soon end up reaching the popularity of the giant digital platform.


Other than chatting and catching up with long-lost friends and acquaintances, these platforms, nowadays helps us all in numerous ways. More than the news channel in television and broadcasting in radio stations, social, media platforms are used to publicize any concerned news to the world.

So, what else can be done? Well, videos and instant stories are a rage these days. People tend to capture the moments they are in and upload it in these sites and get instant reactions on their posts. This way, people tend to remain updated more about each other’s’ lives and keep informed fully.

Till a while before, only Snapchat had this story updating feature available, but now, all the other sites have also walked the same lane to compete with each other that made them all the same in dearth of being all the different.

People nowadays are so much involved and busy in social networking that they almost forget the important factors of life- be it outing with family and friends or spending time with the closed ones, they are always hooked up on the devices attached with those social media.


There are a lot of pros and cons in the world of digital media. Though more of it is taken positively, there are still some backlogs when it comes to the safety of many things. Like, girls are not always safe on these sites as they are trafficked on purpose for many things and these social sites spreads them like fire (though earn shame for the attacker and accolades for the victim) but still it proves to be a hazard; many social accounts are hacked and posts are made to defy the image of many honorable individuals.

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