The National House-Building Council

With regards to new and newly converted homes in the UK, the National House-Building Council, NHBC sets the industry standard in safety, building codes, and warranties and insurance.

In 1936 the National House-Builders Registration Council was started and since then, the company that would eventually become NHBC worked tirelessly to provide protection for new homebuyers. NHBC also regularly contributes to increasing construction standards on new homes. staircase supplier

Over 80% of the UK’s new homes are in the capable protective hands of NHBC’s Buildmark warranty, and with protection extending to roughly 1.7 million homes, it’s no wonder NHBC is the UK’s leading warranty and insurance provider for new homes. NHBC has a strong track record, protecting over 30% of the UK’s existing homes for the past 40 years.

What they do

NHBC works with the house-building and other wider sections of the construction industry, raising the standards of new homes by providing inspection and technical services. Additionally, new home owners benefit from NHBC’s consumer protection services.

With a Register of approximately 20,000 house developers and builders, NBHC ensures that appropriate Rules and Standards for the building of new homes will be followed, leading to safer, better homes. NHBC has staff all over the UK, and of these 1,100 cheerful, ready to help employees, 280 are building inspectors who carry out inspections and collect data at key stages of construction for around one million new homes each year. The remaining body of NHBC employees are all trained in delivering NHBC’s customers key services, whether they are surveyors, engineers, energy assessors, health and safety, training, registration or claims staff.


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