Samsung A52s 5g – What You Should Know Before Purchasing


The Samsung A52s is the latest mid-range Android based smartphone developed and launched by Samsung Electronics as part of its Galaxy A line. The smartphone is introduced on 17 March 2018 at Samsung’s corporate virtual Awesome Unpacked conference alongside the new Galaxy A72. It is the successor to the very popular Galaxy A51. In terms of design, the A52s is different from the SON models launched by Samsung. Although it borrows some design elements of its sibling, it also diverges with a few key features.

It has a unique dual camera arrangement for both the front and back cameras. It also offers a unique interface along with Android applications. The Samsung A52s price is not much different from its predecessor, the Galaxy A50 which is priced at a reasonable $400. It offers a compact size with a unique rectangular home button on the right hand side and a physical home key on the left. The touch screen has been slightly enlarged and is smooth to use. There is a dual tone LED flash that illuminates the home button and can be dimmed using Samsung’s inbuilt software feature. samsung a52 5g

The Samsung A52s has a single rear camera which is fitted with a fisheye lens. The front and rear cameras are equipped with a combination of optical and digital image capturing technology. It comes with an Ultra White feature which aids in enhancing the colour accuracy of the pictures. It offers a 16 mp rear camera and an eight gigapixel front camera. The latter has an effective resolution of 13 megapixels and can easily accommodate high definition photos.

The Samsung A52s price is slightly higher than its predecessors but it has features that make it worth the money. It has a 5-meter digital zoom lens and comes with image stabilization in both video and picture recording modes. There is a self-cleaning auto focus feature that allows the operator to focus automatically on the subject without requiring any guidance from the operator. The Samsung A52s has a unique dual camera system with the ability to simultaneously record videos and images. It also offers a fast launch video recorder and microSD slot for easy storage and expansion.

The Samsung A52s comes with the new fisheye lens which has been specifically designed for the brand. It offers high quality images even in low light conditions. The front and rear cameras have been equipped with image stabilization, which ensures that you get clear images even when moving while taking photographs. Apart from this, the phone also offers a unique feature called the Samsung Emergency Data recovery which enables you to recover data that has been lost due to some accident or even a sudden power cut.

The Samsung A52s price is slightly higher than the previous versions of the model but it offers a lot more. It has a powerful quad core processor, a high definition camera with image stabilization and other great features such as an SOS button, a date/time display, a proximity sensor and a microSD slot for extra storage. It has a high density memory card which allows it to store more data. In addition, it also has a unique feature called the Samsung Emergency Data Recovery which allows you to recover data that has been lost due to a sudden power cut.

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