Features of Composite Doors Manufactured Specifically For Front Doors

The composite front doors are available with a wide choice of the standard RAL colors, both for external leaf and for the normally white internal face. Since the color is spread evenly throughout the door material, scratches and other marks would not reveal a different color. The external doors could be designed according to any measure and in nearly about 50 different styles, depending on the manufacturer. The surface finish of the door leaf could be brought to an attractive woodgrain effect, if so desired. Each external door could be personalized with separate and individual options of door furniture and decorative glass. The glass used in composite doors should be of a minimum thickness of 4mm toughened glass that meets the BS 6206 Class A standards of the  fd30 fire door and frame British Building Regulation Documents.

Apart from the general comparative benefits of the composite ones, external doors made of cellular vinyl board had been gaining faster recognition among homeowners as the best choice for external doors for the extra beautiful look and unmatched security. These weatherproof hybrid products could be fitted once and then completely forgotten. Builders and contractors like to recommend fiberglass, or PVC doors due to their cheap cost, ease of installation, and a fair amount of durability against the elements of the weather. However, these doors would give a plastic look to the house, not the traditional look that composite doors would be able to provide.

Just like the old wooden doors or the ornamental iron doors. If the homeowner wishes to have maximum security to the front doors, multi-point locks, burglar alarms and other security systems could be easily fitted to these doors. If the homeowner belongs to lower income group and would be able to pay only cheap household insurance premiums, standard ABI approved locks could be fitted.

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