Facial Steamer Maintenance is Important

If you are taking care of your face properly then you already know about some of the tools to do so. So you should already know what facial steamers can do for you, but there is a problem. Your steamer broke the week after you bought it. Let me give you some advice on what to do and how to use them properly.

The biggest thing I can say is that you must purchase a facial steamer from a brand Facial steamer name company. Even the brand name steamers don’t cost a fortune. Aside from the quality differences, it will be much easier to buy replacement parts should you ever need them.

You should always use distilled water because regular tap water contains a lot of unwanted minerals. These minerals will buildup over time and prevent your steamer from working properly. A common thing I’ve seen is that the steamer will spit out the water rather than spray it.

You should clean your facial steamer often. Keeping it well maintained will prevent it from breaking. Always make sure that the unit is completely dry before storing it away. Harmful mold and bacteria can grow and cause the plastics to weaken.

To clean the water jar I like to use a tablespoon of vinegar with some water. I let the machine steam for a minute without the light on. After that I will let the steamer rest so the vinegar can do its magic. I then empty everything and do another cycle with just water to clean out any remaining vinegar.

Sometimes it can be a bit of a pain to clean your facial steamer but you will be rewarded for it over the long run. You won’t have broken parts or have to replace the whole thing. No one said that keeping beautiful was easy so take care of yourself and the equipment that helps you.

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