Cat Toys – Things to Amuse Your Cat

ver the years, having several cats adopt us as a family, we would make different little bits of toys to amuse our cats. I hope some of these ideas provide enjoyment for your felines. As always, be sure to supervise your pets with toys, small bits torn off or chewed off could be a choking hazard. Never tie elastic or string to a doorknob and leave unattended; this is also a choking hazard.

Twist ties: The long plastic coated twist tie wires that come in packaging are great fun! Just twist the wire into a small cagey ball and let your kitten bat it around for hours. Be sure to wind the ends of the wire tightly so they don’t poke.

Pipe cleaners: The same can be done with pipe cleaners. Twist them into squiggly shapes and watch your cat play.

Tissue: wad up a small amount of tissue into another type of ball to be batted around. These are easily vacuumed up when lost under the furniture. Scratch and Purr

Paper: several long strips of paper, crumpled and straightened, then tied together in the center with a piece of string is something exciting to chase. My cats love it when I let the paper “play dead” then suddenly tug the string and make the paper dance. Pounce! Crinkly mylar tissue can be used in the same manner. The cats love the crinkly crunchy noise.

Yarn: You can also make a puff on a string out of strands of yarn, untwisted and brushed fluffy. A few crocheted rows knotted off with the tail left long can make an amusing critter for your cat to stalk. Knit a small square on small gauge needles, put a teaspoon of catnip in the middle and baste closed. Your cat will love it!

Boxes: Cardboard boxes make fun hiding places for cats. Mine love to snooze in them or hide and wait until someone walks by to be pounced on.

Paper bags: Another fun thing to hide or snooze in. DO NOT use plastic. While cats might think plastic is great fun and makes exciting crinkly noises, the plastic is a suffocation or choking hazard.


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